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Diabetes Education

Diabetes 101 - This class focuses on the foundations of type 2 diabetes. The topics covered in this class includes the definition and diagnosis of diabetes, diabetes management and complications, foot care, and management of hypoglycemia.
Diabetes Nutrition and Exercise - This class focuses on dietary and exercise
recommendations that improve blood glucose control. Topics covered include food effects on blood glucose, healthy food choices and grocery shopping, portion control, and daily recommendations for food groups.
Diabetes Self-Management - This class focuses on glucose monitoring, whether it be
CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) or with a glucometer, sick day planning, and glucose problem solving. Patients are encouraged to bring their logs and glucometers to this class. We can also help you install your device!
Each class typically runs about 30 minutes.

Get Started!

How to Enroll

Ask your provider if you believe classes would be a benefit for you or call the office to schedule!
Both individual and group class settings are available!

Education is typically covered by insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. If you have any questions
about coverage, contact your insurance company or contact our billing department.

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